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Whitemarket Economics

Circulating goods and facilitating services
with evaluation processing

Comparing Economy Core Structures:

The "Black Market", the "White Market" and the "Free Market (or The Grey Market)" share certain commonalties yet are fundamentally different.

The Black Market and the Free Market "profiteer" - whereas the White Market "prospers without profiteering".

The Free Market distributes goods (and services) to people through controlled channels and agencies (or not at all) whereas the Black Market and the White Market are circulation driven. The Black Market circulates underground whereas the White Market transparently side-steps controlling, profit orientated constructs. The Black Market undercuts the existing marketplace with lower prices for goods and services already available to the public, circumventing the Free Market structure. The White Market Economy simply "side-steps" retailers with internet locations that aggregate buyers with buying quotas to cut purchasing costs.

The Black Market is the Vertical Polar opposite to the White Market.
The "Free" or "Grey" Market is Horizontally Opposite to both the White Market and The Black Market - Any circulation of goods or services through these markets will draw profits out of the Grey market.

"The Grey Market" of Corporate Agencies stand between the people and their resources and generally charge people as much as they can to access them. How do they do this? They get each one of us alone to buy what we need. If we buy 2Gether, in concert, in tandem, those days will be a thing of the past.


  • Patience + $ = appreciation, economization and a low dis-satisfaction potential.

  • Immediate gratification +($ x 2) = debt and a high potential for dis-satisfaction.

  • Immediate gratification + $ or ($ x 2) = a very high potential for dis-satisfaction.

What is a "White Market" economy?

  • A White Market economy is an internet based quota system for purchasing goods and services together.
  • White Market localized quota listings precisely distribute (and can even direct the manufacturing of) Goods and Services (G & S).
  • A White Market economy transparently weighs commodity values using buyer response mechanisms to validate buys.
  • A White Market economy distributes value without profiteering, seeking only to economize value
  • The White Market is a Not-for-Profit economic structure and commodity circulation agency.
  • The White Market Sub-structure is the existing "Free-Market" economy manufacturing base.
  • The White Market organically by-passes the intermediary infra-structures of "Free-Market" service agencies and retailers.
  • White Market Transactions take place between manufacturers and "the people" (acting as both resellers and consumers). Retailers are of course welcome to buy similarly through White Market "G & S" quota listings.

How to create a Whitemarket Economy!

The free market structure as it now exists foundations itself on 2 principles or precepts:

  • #1 Profit Orientation
  • #2 Irresponsible - no personal liability.
The defining characteristics of a white market economy are:
  • #1 Economization.
  • #2 Responsible Validation
The White Market Infrastructure Development Action Plan:

The Mission - reclaim the marketplace from the profiteers!

  • The plan calls on Native women and related organizations across Canada to assist us in laying a core "value" foundation for this new "alternative" economy providing spiritual vision to foundation permanance.
  • The plan calls for the assistance of women's organizations in general who are capable of appreciating the value and wisdom in community economization.
  • The plan requires Canadian people to invest on an individual basis in filling White Market G & S quotas and in turn enjoy the rewards of personal economization.
  • The plan calls for the development and maintenance of localized internet distribution networks that facilitate manufacturer listings and reseller purchases (consumers buying together as retailers)
  • The plan requires bulk distribution outposts (including bricks and mortar retailers) and universal delivery services.
With these foundation stones properly set in place we begin with one quota list, then another, and then another. We prime the well into circulation. Once it flows it will be perpetual and permanent.

There is however a trade-off for your 95% savings on most goods and services - you will have to think ahead!

All transactions are the result of purchase order quotas that are filled, manufactured, paid for and delivered. Individual buyers (who have listed on quotas that have reached their target) are notified to provide deposits and detail order and delivery parameters. Manufacturers then proceed to carry out the order.

While quota lists fill the specified products or services are exhibited for pertinent comments by interested parties (both pro and con) which are presented online. Buyers are welcome to join quotas at anytime or leave at anytime. Transaction processes are absolutely transparent. All commodities are openly and honestly scrutinized by "the people" - dangers, and therefore liabilities are minimized.

    White Market Economy Goods & Services Projections:
  • All mid-ticket items: - Goods in the $200 -2000 retail market prices available to consumers through the White Market at direct from manufacturer bulk order prices. (e.g. sporting paraphernalia, all appliances, garden & home, clothing and fashion, etc.)
  • Many Services: By filling the quotas of local services and practitioners of all types patrons receive savings. For example: courier services, rental services, leasing services, insurance services, home care services, various health orientated alternative practitioners. Proposals drive the White Market economy through the service sectors.
  • Foodstuffs, domestic and office paraphernalia: This category includes any base consumable that is used on a regular basis by consumers. For example: cigarettes, detergents, a wide variety of bulk foods, etc.
  • Buying energy: The regulations that effect "the people" reselling energy to themselves is an option that we are now looking into. There are other areas where various restriction impede the "Buying 2gether" concept. For example the automobile industry demands a dealer's permit to purchase cars. Such hurdles however simply take patience and perception to surmount. Together we can make wise choices when considering what type of energy we are willing, as a group, to buy.
  • Local and Long Distance Phone Services: The CRTC left the door ajar to allow communications companies to resell. Others couldn't crack the market because they needed to profit. We don't. Let's buy together applying a percentage to servicing our community network and a percentage toward our community, and still save!
  • Communications products and services: In larger metropolitan areas there are opportunities for apartment buildings to receive their cable or dsl services through smaller dealers while setting our own price. If a building pre-orders as a group we will receive rock-bottom prices. In time the White Market will set prices in a fashion similar to the way wal-mart sets prices to manufacturers wishing to be in their stores.
  • Vacations and tour packages: Though the market is practically monopolized in Canada group buys do represent a saving. In time we will be able to turn this market toward direct buying as a group and chartering planes and hotels to willing companies. Seasonal cottage quotas can be filled through the white market and other equipment rentals as well.
  • Courses and training: The white market will make course discount proposals to schools. Filling classes through our quota system is of value to all parties concerned. For example: A White Market quota of 34 students paying 1/2 price = a class of 17 students - better than the school would have done without our quotas. The students save, the teachers work, the school uses it's facilities.
  • The 100% Free White Market: In that the White Market economy's goal is to "economize resources" and resources available at no charge or minimal charge can freely be available to consumers. Without a profit motive a free and sharing economization of articles makes sense.
  • White Market Trading Exchanges: The presentation of all types of skills and services available for trade on an individual basis is another economizing method easily employed.
  • White Market Miracles: Proposals of all sorts are welcome in a White Market economy. For Example: Real Estate - Today developers pre-sell homes often. The White Market by directing a process can potentially initiate these processes at great savings by hiring developers to build sub-divisions. Such massive undertakings however would only be considered after the infrastructure of the economy is sound and the system is flourishing.
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