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Community Applications Information

Canada2's interactive innovation and communication applications

The simple wonders of internet communication mean that every person who wishes to can now have an arena to publish their views, to voice their opinions and to potentially be heard. The common ground applications employed by the Canada2 network include the traditional discussion forums, which include polls, Tell-a-Tale; a group story writing forum, events and announcement posting boards, simple chat, referendums, free websites, and website docking, . Interesting postings will be displayed in the Toronto2day &2night magazette on a regular basis, and then placed in our archives forever.

The Canada2 network provides "project banking" platforms for project development that headquarters groups of people wishing to work together on initiatives from a distance. Password protected online office meeting places that facilitate innovation and contact include a wide variety of facilitative options. The Canada2 network also provides personal platforms on a permanent basis, such as webmail, websites, website docking, and free product venues such as classifieds and Auction venues at no charge. One, for example, can build their own auction house online, or auction off odds & ends through Toronto2 free auctions, and actually make money for themselves.

Canada2 provides the invaluable tool of Free & Forever webmail - As a basis for general participation and inclusion in activities and transactions email is a must. Canada2 now offers free webmail at at Toronto2.com, Ottawa2.com, Vancouver2.com, Victoria2.com, Edmonton2.com, Regina2.com, Winnipeg2.com, Calgary2.com, Quebec2.com, Montreal2.com, Halifax2.com, Arcticanada.com, and Canadian2.com. We will soon be activating our "squirrel webmail" system that will relieve surfers of the burden of junk mail and advertising, a welcome treat to surfers used to being force fed unwanted ads.

Real-time news, information, from online news sources from around the world. Each stream has been configured to bring Torontonians the full array of news available to them with interesting topical categories hand-configured by Toronto2 coding experts. Enjoy continuous, unparalleled access to the most relevant and timely information from the widest number of online sources, fed right 2 you at Toronto2! Every 15 minutes, about 2,200 online Web sites are indexed, including all major news sources, industry publications, research reports, press releases, message boards and discussion groups.

Canada2 is powered by SynePost Communications, a Toronto-based ISP. All tools and applications are free to use without strings attached though Friendship Enterprises reserve the right to remove or modify anomalies. SynePost communications track weight use which is restricted on most tools. Should Canada2 community members require more server space they will be charged accordingly, and transparently, through Syne-Post. Canada2 will not advertise on any members applications, however site-wide announcements and sponsor promotions will be carried on general Canada2 applications, to keep things free and easy!

Enjoy the people's network!

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