2002 GTA Edition - Volume#1

Experience Craig's photo aptly entitled, " CN Tower Vertigo"...
|more| and |more| GTA pics.

The Haunted Adventure >>> Magic Hill Farm is an ideal location for picnics and gatherings...really!! |more|

The Village of Ganatsekwyagon, east of the Rouge River, is the first recorded residence of white people in Toronto >>> View this 1670 map... |more|

In this place, the natural world is in balance and unaffected by man... Toronto's own - Terry Elliott, Great Canadian Ecoventure|more|

Furry fans in Toronto! >>> For those who share a common interest in anthropomorphic animals.  ... |more| >>> Local Seer Sax Francisco. Tasseomancy information and |more| >>>  Toronto Scenes and |more|

Misbehaven Petcare >>> Groovy GTA groomers, 4-paw hotel and |more|

Dial-a-story! Children of any age can hear stories over the phone 24 hours a day.. |more| Kids history of Toronto |more| 

Know a great GTA website? Toronto2 is your internet community centre. Add a T.O. site

The complete history of the TTC and >>> |more|

The History of the Toronto Blues Society and |more|

Surfing the Toronto Beaches is cool! Surf these websites  |more| and >>> |more|

Hans & Sylvana's >>> Toronto Impressions. |more| quality GTA photos and |more| fascinating GTA curiousities!

Know a great GTA website? Toronto2 is your internet community centre. Add a T.O. site

"For me it's a matter of finding the poetry in the everyday in your own city ó things that are ugly, and beautiful, and realizing that it's all good," says Toronto's Legendary Ronnie Hawkins >>> Read |more| >>> and  |more|

Did you know that more than 70 percent of Canada's manufactured goods are produced in the greater Toronto area? Read|more| >>> in an American City Business Journal article

The Toronto Craze Phenomena British Airways flight 092 took off from Toronto Airport on Thursday evening just as the Holy Spirit was landing on a small building 100 yards from the end of the runway... |more|...people began to shake, fall, laugh uncontrollably and make animal noises...|more| >>> an analysis|more| >>> |more| analysis.

He was a naturalist, writer, artist, educator, explorer, co-founder of the Boy Scouts of America and the Ontario College of Art Gold Medallist in 1879... |more|

Loreena McKennitt >>> She marketed the album by mail-order out of her home while busking in places such as Toronto's St. Lawrence Market ... |more|

 48 young Canadians to accompany the World Youth Day Cross from Montreal to Toronto... |more| >>> counting down the days... |more|

The new Canadian Edition of TIME Magazine features a coolcollection of photographs of Canada's 2002 Winter Olympic team... |more|

Toronto City Council has agreed to permit an advanced, carrier class fibre-optic network to be deployed in the sewer systems of Toronto... |more|

It's time for everyone to pitch in to help clean up Toronto... |more| >>> Turtles on Toronto Island? >>> Earth Day 2002... |more|

The doors to Toronto's Architectural Heritage are wide open on May 25 and 26, 2002 visit 100 buildings throughout Toronto free. ...|more| >>> for |more| tours.

Good as Gold! Wayne Gretzky has truly reaffirmed his reputation as the Great One. He is a hockey icon. A player without peer......|more|

Lester B Pearson (quote) >>> I was in the Victoria Library in Toronto in 1915, studying a Latin poet, and all of a sudden I thought, War canít be this bad. So I walked out and enlisted. (Read the result) |more| >>> |more|

John Lennon (quote) >>> You either get tired fighting for peace, or you die. - June 1970, Toronto, Canada. |more| >>> |more|

Michael Moiseykin offers a wonderful photgraphic website stocked with more than 1000 photos of his favourite Toronto areas >>> Well worth the price of admission!..|more|

(quote) >>> Youíll never get anywhere with all those damned little short sentences. - Gregory Clark to fellow Toronto Star newspapermen Ernest Hemingway.|more| >>> |more|.

>>> Elmer the Safety Elephant is one of Canada's best known and loved symbols. The program was created by Toronto Police Inspector Vern Page >>> |more|>>> |Elmer's Site|

Need GTA fishing locations, conditions and techniques? Check out the "What's Bitin' Discussion and Grumblings Board...|more| or for those wishing in to doing some frogging in the Toronto area |more| 

22nd International Conference on Jewish Genealogy to be held in Toronto, August 2002. - Call for Speakers...|more|

Moving to Ontario? >>> I live in TORONTO and love it I can't see a better place to live in the entire country...|more|

The International Human Powered Speed Championships will be held in Brantford - August 5th, 2002. |more|Bicycling in the GTA? >>> check out Community Bicycle Net, Toronto Bicycle Network, Bikeshare

Is Vin-sanity gone in Toronto? Carterís season seems to go beyond the disappointing drop in his statistics, which are well off his totals of a year ago...|more|

International cost-of-living comparisons indicate that Toronto is one of the least expensive major financial centres in the world in which to live...|more|

Moving to Ontario? >>> I live in TORONTO and love it I can't see a better place to live in the entire country...|more|

The following is a request for your help in the fight for our right to poster in Toronto....|more|

Toronto's battle of the strays >>> Last fall a lovely friend of mine found a stray kitten near a dumpster and packed it up in a little box.....|more| >>> |more| voices for the voiceless.

Is the water in Toronto safe to drink? Is the bathing water safe to swim in? >>>Learn more about Toronto's drinking water and swimming conditions... |more|

Bubble Tea! What's this you say? >>> Bubble tea has been very popular in Taiwan for a long time and now it has been brought over to Toronto...|more|

2 Canadians their is nothing more thrilling than international hockey. We had to bear the heartbreak of the last olympics...|more|
>>> editor Joseph Trainors records the tales. UFO's in T.O.? You bet... |more| >>> |more| >>> |more| >>> |more|

>>> Here's a fascinating T.O. UFO posting. I was with a friend of mine down in the beaches area of Toronto... >>> |more|

>>> A story of Toronto the good - This is the true account of something that happened to a Toronto student .... >>> |more|

>>> On the other hand This author accounts a a creepy incident that happened in Toronto, but as he says, it could happen anywhere.... >>> |more|

>>> Money is a poor manís credit card.Marshall McLuhan (quote) - June 1971, Toronto >>> |more|

>>> Author Sheldon Oberman's terrific Casa Loma story for the young, and the young at heart - The White Stone in the Castle Wall >>> |explore| >>> |synopsys|

A A Fine Balance - Rohinton Mistry
Loreena Live In Paris & Toronto - Loreena McKennitt
The The Morningside Years - Peter Gzowski
cover Alanis Unplagged


cover Unsent
The White Stone in the Castle Wall The White Stone in the Castle Wall
The The Glenn Gould Edition
cover Maybe You Should Drive
Barenaked Ladies
cover Maroon
Barenaked Ladies
cover Rock Spectacle
Barenaked Ladies
cover One Week [Germany]
Barenaked Ladies

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