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Canada2 Community Webs Information

When it comes to community, Toronto2, along with its Canada-wide network, have many wonderful things going for them!

  • It is a for-people, not-for-profit, initiative.
  • As a not-for-profit, localized website, Toronto2 can provide both transparency and security in business transactions.
  • It can also afford to be a conduit to connecting people to their world and giving them an able platform where they have a voice.
  • Because it is localized and interactive, it facilitates real-world contact between parties.
  • The Canada2 Network is uniquely mandated for permanency, and as such, is designed for self-sufficiency.
  • Because of its permanency principle, it has the incredible potential of becoming a permanent internet archive and a tribute to people's works and lives.
  • Because of its permanency principle and self sufficiency model, the Canada2 network provides free email and personal websites, a privilege extended to all Canadians.
  • This profound stability, it is hoped, will produce an abundance of wealth and health in community endeavor, spirit, and innovation.

The Toronto2 Internet Community Centre personifies community under the following four classifications, included below with their website subdomains:

COMMUNITY AFFINITIES - activated section.
Arts - Creativille, Canada,
Sports - Sportown Arenas,
Knowledge - Learn 2 University,
Literature - Literary Lounge,
Technology - TechnoLodge.

COMMUNITY ALTERNATIVES - activated section.
Health - Retreatment Resort,
Delivery - Services Network,
Lifestyles - Lifestyle Lagoons,
Education - AEIOU - Alternative Education
Spirituality - Spiritual Dimensions.

COMMUNITY ATTRIBUTES - activated soon.
Families & Cultures Community Life Habitats,
Experts & Services Professional Life Habitats,
Adults & Youths Social Life Habitats,
Elders & Children Life Habitats.

COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES - activated soon.
Attractions & Cinema Venue Village,
Commerce & Retail Venture Village,
Recreation & Nightlife InteractiveVillage
Travel & Food Adventure Village.

The bedrock principles of the Canada2 Network are:

1. Permanency

Attributes of Canada2 permanency are:

  • a) The creation of an Archival library.
  • b) A community trust to be passed on and treated with dignity.
  • c) A creative crucible for contact, new community and innovative thought and activity.
  • d) A steadfast platform for economization and evaluation.

2. Inclusiveness

Attributes of Canada2 inclusiveness are:

  • a) No Discrimination whatsoever - All are welcome.
  • b) Provides a common ground and a meeting place.
  • c) A crucible for togetherness and the creation of new community out of many old communities.
  • d) Engendering numbers, a sense of connectiveness, genuine communication, and network circulation.

3. Transparency

Attributes of Canada2 transparency are:

  • a) No hidden values - the people's network - trustworthy.
  • b) Honest qualification of goods and services by users.
  • c) Responsive and open to alternative views and initiatives.
  • d) Transparent transactions and operations create true security.
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4. Applying the principles

Economizing applications:

The 21stcentury economy will be foundationed on the power of the consumer to join in buying goods and services in tandem. Both retailers and individual consumers will participate in this wonderful opportunity to economize by organization, quota, and transparent product evaluation. The consumer, moving together, is a powerful and beneficent force for good. Learn more about the Canada2 Network's implementation of White market economization, the transparent mirror to the "Black market" and a logical alternative to the prevalent grey market. Canada2 presents an alternative economy that is practical, make sense and takes only organization to succeed. To this end we have assembled a core platform at http://Canada2.com, soon be launched.

System-wide Tributary websites:

The Canada2 network utilizes an array of extending websites joined to the core Canada2 infrastructure to access the global village to the Canadian way in a practical manner. For example, Creativille, Canada, located at http://Creativille.com, is a place where Canadian arts and artists can present themselves through the gamut of Canada2 websites as a constant fixture. This means that Vancouver artists can be exhibited in Halifax, and vice versa.

Stand-alone tributary websites to the Canada2 network, now in development or active include:

  • Creativille.com, Inventiville.com, Activille.com - Known as the CIA internetwork.
  • Technolodge.com - Technology lodges, communities and internetworks.
  • Humanitarians.org, HumanityTV.com, and Rememberances.ca - Archiving Spirit, Humanitarianism and Community
  • Retreatment.com - Positive Health community
  • Sportscores.ca, Sportspirit.com - Community sports networking
  • Whitemarket.com - economizing community
  • Romancette.com - literature and romance internetwork.
  • Televisioneers.com, VisioneerTV.com - entertainment review communities
  • Friendships.ca, Friendshipleague.com and FriendshipTV.com - friendship communities.
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